Frequently asked questions in relation to Covid-19

As the reality of the pandemic evolves clinical practice and interventions must also. We understand that changing advice from many sources can be confusing and here we aim to answer some of the FAQ’s from colleagues across the region.

Is there still paediatric capacity for critically ill children?

Yes there is capacity for critically ill children. The usual referral process should be used via STRS and the most appropriate PIC bed will be sourced where needed.

Can I submit a question?

Yes, please email your questions to

What is the latest guidance in regards to resuscitation in children?

The Resuscitation Council UK has released guidance on the resuscitation of Covid-19 patients which can be accessed here

What is STPN current advice on the use of Heated Humidified High Flow Therapy (HHHFT) in CYP?


The reality in regards to HHHFT is that its use in acute paediatrics is well embedded in our region and allows for easy escalation of treatment at a local level.

HHHFT is an Aerosol Generating Procedure and therefore should be used in conjunction with the latest PHE PPE guidance for AGP’s.

HHHFT can be used at the local clinician’s discretion, however given the increased risk of droplet dispersion our advice would be that decision to commence would be founded on a strong suspicion that the intervention will result in clinical improvement. In situations where simple oxygen delivery systems are likely to be adequate then these should be the preferred option.

RCPCH has published guidance on the Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19. It includes a case definition and the approach to clinical management and treatment, as well as advice on referral to specialist centres. In addition, the guidance includes the research trials associated with these cases. Access the guidance here

AGP – Aerosol Generating Procedure

CYP – Children and Young People

HHHFT – Heat Humidified High Flow Therapy

LTV – Long Term Ventilation

PHE – Publilc Health England

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

RCPCH – Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health