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Education Evenings

STPN Gastroenterology Education evenings are held quarterly and are hosted by a different trust from the network. If you would like to submit a case to present at one of these sessions please contacts us.  

The constipation task and finish group is collating resources on constipation care for patients and families, primary care and secondary/ tertiary care clinicians.

We will be holding quarterly complex IBD case discussions, these will be held quarterly with a rotating chair with the host hospital moderating these discussions. Outcomes are not clinically binding but aim to enrich learning and guide clinical decision making.  If you would like to submit a case to present at one of these sessions please contact us.

Always Learning Together @ Lunch October 2022


Patient Information Packs

These patient information packs have been shared by members and are currently in use by constipation services running with the Network. These are not quite generic and do signpost to specific services on offer in that local area. However, they could be used to help other members create their own resources. Permission has been obtained to make use of the content, but please do credit the source.  

Credit and thanks to the Children & Young People’s Health Partnership Team (CYPHP) and Sandra Hanson, Constipation Specialist Nurse at Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust for sharing this. Please feel free to contact them for any advice.

Paediatric Magrogol

A patient/family information leaflet from Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust that can be given when starting a child on macrogol.

Constipation Care Plan

A constipation care plan from CYPHP that can be printed and individualised for the patient.

Health support pack

An all-in-one parent/child information resource from CYPHP encompassing education on constipation from physiology, diet/lifestyle advice as well as how to manage using medication.

Managing Bowel and Bladder issues

Guidance from Bladder and Bowel UK/ERIC to help staff in the school/education environment to support young people

nurse led

Nurse Led Childhood Constipation Service

Leaflet explaining how the Community Constipation Service at Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust works, as well as further patient/child information on constipation.

eric - Poo Checker

Parent Advice

An addendum used by the Dartford & Gravesham Team to help streamline/supplement the written advice given in the clinic letter generated after a consultation. This or a similar document could be used by adding as an appendix to clinic letters.

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