LTV Educational Resources


Useful Links

Here is a list of links to webpages that we think you will find particularly helpful

Links and QR codes to useful resources you can use in the event of an RSV surge, all in one place
Specialist advice for patients on LTV during a Covid-19 surge

Long Term Ventilation: Balancing the pressures. A report highlighting the quality of care of people aged 0 – 24 years.

10 Principles for Complex Discharge

A guide and toolkit, produced in collaboration with North Thames Paediatric Network, the Pan Thames LTV Collaborative and WellChild, to support health and care professionals improve practice or all children and young people requiring complex discharge from hospital to home.

Central Children’s Long Term Ventilation Service

A specialist service commissioned by NHSe, hosted at the Royal Brompton Hospital. A multidisciplinary team whose focus is to provide clinical, educational and welfare support to children on long term ventilaition.

#LTVinCYP webinars

September 2020

A series of recorded webinars from key speakers across the LTV domain including NCEPOD, the Pan London Ethical Framework and Respiratory Specialist Centres providing key information and best practice around  the delivery of current and future LTV in CYP.