Developing Adolescent Health Services

Many children will need to move from being treated by paediatric services to being under the care of an adult specialty. During this time, young people may feel lost and unsupported because they are leaving the team and healthcare system they are accustomed to .This can  lead to less engagement, and consequently poorer healthcare outcomes.  Conversely many adult services are not set up to accommodate children that have more complex needs requiring multidisciplinary input.  It is also recognised that the needs of adolescents are considerably different to children or adults and subsequently their healthcare should be tailored and developed accordingly.

At STPN, we are aware that the challenges experienced above my both patients and their families, and health professionals are common and not service specific.  To start to address some of these issues the STPN held a Getting Started with Transition Webinar on the 24th of June 9am – 12pm which was attended by a total of 70 people (add link to video).  Presentations covered a variety of topics from both patient and clinician viewpoints, acute and chronic conditions and resources that are available to support teams.  We were pleased to work in conjunction with the Burdett Trust, Oncology and Congenital Heart Disease networks, as well as views from a youth worker and adult consultant.  

Based on interest across the network region we are pleased to announce that we are launching a work stream with a focus on adolescent health overall, which includes the transition process.

Our next step is to form working groups that will to begin address the topics below, so do let us know via if you would like to be involved or hear about our work

  • – Working with Youth workers
  • – Benchmarking and frameworks
  • – Developing Youth Forums
  • – Sharing good practice and supporting each other
  • – Working with adult services

We hosted an Adolescent Health Steering Group in September to develop objectives and tangible actions and intend to widen this out as appropriate and intend to host further meetings or forums as required.

Webinar recording, notes, presentations and other links are below:

Transition Webinar Recording

Transition webinar


Stakeholder List

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Developing Adolescent Health Services