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Best practice guidance for procedural sedation in children and young people

Education modules to assist you in the use of procedural sedation.

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E-module: An introduction to capnography in sedation

In this e-module, brought to us by Evelina Education, learners will be provided with a basic understanding to interpreting End Tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) waveforms (also referred to as capnography), an integral monitoring tool to assess a patient’s ventilation.

Note:  For the purpose of the sedation module itself a basic understanding is sufficient.


Appendix A – T E A M    S C R E E N Checklist

TEAM SCREEN is a prompt to be used in clinical practice alongside the clinical guideline that it relates to and supports the safe and structured approach to the technical and non-technical skills required for a procedure. The guideline provides the detail of the best practice to follow in the planning of a procedure and the TEAM SCREEN can help to ensure that preparation of personnel, equipment and patient are considered and that safety,  responsiveness, and adequate follow up steps are taken. 

Appendix B – Intranasal fentanyl, Intranasal diamorphine and IV/IM Ketamine competencies


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Education modules to support the use of this guideline