October 2021

Planning for a respiratory surge in
children and young people

The Bronchiolitis Series

The STPN have created a series of webinars to support teams within the region in preparing for the predicted surge in Bronchiolitis and other respiratory illnesses. These webinar will also assist staff in revising their knowledge of these illnesses and also increase their confidence dealing with these children.

Please click the images below to access the videos.

Winter 2021 team preparation activities

We have developed an E-learning package designed to provide some materials and tools to deliver surge preparation training at a local level. This material can be accessed by individuals, small interactive groups or as part of a larger group online delivered with a facilitator. When winter puts us under additional pressure, a solid foundation of clinical training is priceless and refresher training, such as this, will strengthen those foundations further. Please click the image to access the e-learning.

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