Critical Care

Our Critical Care Leads

Dr Jatinder Singh Jheeta

Jatinder is one of our new Critical Care clinical leads and is a Consultant Paediatrician at Darent Valley Hospital.

Nicholas Prince

Nick is one of our new Critical Care Leads, and is a Paediatric Consultant Intensivist and College Tutor for Paediatrics based at St George’s Hospital PICU.

Sarah Levitt

Sarah is our Lead Nurse for Critical Care. She has worked in both DGHs and Tertiary centres and has recently completed a Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship with Henley Business School.


We strive for all infants, children and young people to have access to excellent Critical Care when and where they need it, that it is never compromised by a lack of education, training, staffing, equipment and clinical guidance. At the moment, the ability of paediatric ward areas and EDs within network centres to provide consistently high quality Level 1 care, stabilisation and, where appropriate, Level 2 care is inconsistent. It depends on fluctuating variables such as competence, training, confidence, equipment and capacity. Sustained, collaborative attention to these elements will enhance the consistency of delivery leading to improved quality, efficiency and capacity.

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