17 November 2021 - Weekly STPN Surge Planning Update published

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HLP Children & Young People's Mental Health Bulletin - November 2021

To access November’s edition of this bulletin follow this link – https://healthyldn.bulletin/November

KCH announces talk by Dr Adshead- Forensic Psychiatrist from Broadmoor

Tuesday 17 November 13:00 to 13:30

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Dr Adshead is a forensic psychiatrist who works at Broadmoor Hospital with some of the most violent and psychologically unwell prisoners in the UK. She has written about some of her experience in a book called “The Devil You Know” – although has a number of other books as well. Dr Adshead has taught at a number of universities including Yale where she was a visiting professor and has published over a hundred papers. She also has a masters in Medical Law and Ethics. 

Recently, Dr Adshead has been lead author on the RCPsych guidance on FII. Some of you may also have heard her on Desert Island Disks. She also has a wiki page!

10 November 2021 - STRS publish new Peripheral Inotropes guideline

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10 November 2021 - STPN Autumn Newsletter and surge update

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5 November 2021 - Gastroenterology ODN begins survey

STPN’s Gastroenterology ODN are working towards improving the care within the region for children and young people with constipation. Today, a survey/questionnaire went out to all Paediatric Clinical Directors within in the region to give to patients (and families) receiving care for constipation to help better understand how the condition affects the patient’s quality of life. To find out more follow this link – https://stpn.uk/gastroenterology-work-programmes/

3 November 2021- New edition of Surge Planning Update

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1 November 2021 - Infant CPAP and Procedural Sedation Guidelines published

STPN’s Critical Care ODN published their new CPAP and Sedation guidelines today. There will be education following shortly to support the implementation of these guidelines. Click here to view the guidelines – https://stpn.uk/edguidelines/