Elective Recovery Resources

Utilise key supportive documents

Understand and share CYP data

CYP Elective Recovery Dashboard- A CYP elective recovery dashboard that provides waiting list and elective activity data at national, regional and system level. For access email england.cyptransformation@nhs.net
RAIDR Dashboard- National waiting list data dashboard split by weeks waiting, age, speciality, etc. Email necsu.raidr@nhs.net for access

Increase paediatric activity through new schemes

Consider methods of prioritisation of children on your waiting lists

Maximise Theatre Utilisation

CYP Elective Recovery Campaign Webinar

SPaedIT – Surgical Paediatric Indicator Table- A new tool to measure and support efficiency in your theatre department

Implement key Outpatient deliverables within CYP

Familiarise your service with the Evidence-based interventions (EBI) programme

Be open to Mutual Aid

Plan for the Winter