Burdett Trust & STPN Collaboration

QI Webinar: Sustainability - May 2023

QI Webinar: Implementation - April 2023

QI Webinar: Diagnostic / Solution Design - March 2023

QI Webinar: Stakeholder Analysis - February 2023

QI Webinar: Key Documents & Project Plans - January 2023

Key Actions to take forward:

An Introduction to QI - November 2022

Key Actions to take forward:

The STPN are keen on supporting you through this QI process and can assist logistically and managerially with many of the actions noted above through each stage. This requires engagement and collaboration to be effective and useful. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us via england.stpn@nhs.net.

STPN Transition Webinar

Getting Started with Transition - June 2022