Burdett Trust & STPN Collaboration

QI Webinar - Key Documents & Project Plans - January 2023

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An Introduction to QI - November 2022


STPN Transition Webinar

Getting Started with Transition - June 2022


Getting Started with Transition Webinar – Key Points

Slido Results

Stakeholder List

Presentations from Zahra Sarway, Emma Potter and Emma Matthews

Zahra Sarwar Presentation

Emma Potter Presentation

Emma Matthews Presentation

Presentation from Lynda Shaughnessy and Nigel Mills

Lynda Shaughnessy Presentation

Nigel Mills Presentation

Supporting Documents from Lynda Shaughnessy's presentation

CYP Lost to Follow up Data

Attendance: Predictors & Relation to Outcome

Gothenburg CYP Empowerment Scale

Gothenburg Article