When CAMHS meets Acute Paediatrics

A webinar about caring for children and young people with mental health needs in the acute setting.

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Certificate of attendance

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Recording of When CAMHS meets Acute Paediatrics

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Slides and additional information from the webinar

The role of security in supporting de-escalation by
Steve Parkes, Trust Security Training & Violence Reduction Manager at King's College Hospital

Functional Neurological Movement Disorders by Dr Tammy Hedderly, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at Evelina London

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Frequently asked questions


The slides I’d like to see aren’t on this webpage. 

We are still awaiting some edited versions of the slides used on the day. We will update the page as soon as these are received but if there are a particular set of slides that you would like please email england.stpn@nhs.net

Are there any notes from the webinar? 

No notes are available as the webinar was recorded.

My name is not showing on the Certificate of Attendance. 

Please use the buttons on the top right hand side of the PDF viewer on this page to either download or print the certificate and add your own name.

I can’t find the recording of Dr Tammy Hedderly’s presentation.

We were unable to record Tammy’s presentation because it contained sensitive information, but we have provided an edited version of her slides.