Caring for the Critically Unwell Child - Surge Resources

Teams within the STPN have created and delivered webinars to stabilise and manage critically unwell children in the network.

Please click here to register for the 2023 webinars 

The link will take you to a live poster where updates on education resources will be posted

These webinars cover the management of children requiring intubation and ventilation, cardiovascular management 

Below there are resources for to support you to care for these patients; these include, NTSP Paediatric emergency algorithm, STRS Intubation Checklist, inotrope guidance and the bronchiolitis guideline.  


Surge Webinars 2023 (coming soon)

Surge Webinars 2022

Focus for Anaesthetic Teams
7th December 2022

Focus for Paediatric Teams
13th December 2022

Clinical Resources and Guidelines for Caring for a Critically Unwell Child During the Winter Surge

Securing an Oral ETT

This video is for demonstration purposes only - in clinical practice to avoid extubation the OETT will need to be held throughout the procedure

Suctioning an ETT

Thank you to the team at STRS and Evelina PICU for sharing their educational resources

Prescribing and Administering Peripheral Inotropes

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Additional Resources and Guidelines