#LTVinCYP Webinars

Sharing best practice & service development in delivering Long Term Ventilation in children & young people​

Every Wednesday and Thursday throughout September we presented you with webinars from key speakers including NCEPOD, Respiratory Specialist Centres and the Pan-London Ethical Framework to provide you with key information and best practice around the current and future delivery of LTV in CYP.

If you were unable to join us on the day or would just like a refresh your memory, recordings of the webinars are available for you to view below.

This webinar provides an opportunity for listeners to hear about the proposed Pan-Thames LTV model of care, the work of the Pan-London Ventilation Group and the ideal discharge package, plans on improving provision of equipment across the region and an introduction to the Pan-London ethical framework.

This webinar from Paediatric services and WellChild provides an opportunity for listeners to hear what they have learnt, their struggles, stories, and the bright spots seen during these unprecedented times.

A webinar all about the work of the Pan-London Ethical Framework Group, considering the ethical framework that the South and North Thames Paediatric Networks should adopt to support appropriate decision making in children commencing long term domiciliary invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

NCEPOD have recently published a report which explores the care of children and young people aged 0-24 years receiving long-term ventilation (LTV). The report presents the opinions of service users, parent carers as well as healthcare professionals who have provided peer review of clinical cases. Hear about this national work and shared learning across the country from NCEPOD’s team.

Watch to find our examples of best practice, hear new information, improvement strategies, ideas, case studies or projects celebrating the successes of an individual or an organisation.

The amazing progress in neonatal care and technology is pushing the boundaries both clinically and ethically. This webinar discusses current debates and challenges on neonatal weaning, permissive hypercapnia concept, committing to LTV and heart involvement.

This webinar covers two key topics: How the LTV community is changing in light of progression in disease management and advancing technology for children and young people on long term ventilation.

This educational webinar explores the practical aspects of nebulisation in LTV for CYP with hands-on demonstrations of the technology and set-up of products by experienced clinical professionals.